Zoubeir TOURKI
Mardi, 07 avril 2020 
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Zoubeir TOURKI



                                                                Zoubeir TOURKI, PhD.

National School of Engineers of Sousse


Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Zoubeir.tourki@eniso.rnu.tn, zbrtourki@gmail.com

University of  Sousse

Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Sousse (ENISo) ~Technopôle de Sousse

BP. 264 Riadh, 4023 Sousse- TUNISIE

Tél : +216 73 369 500//Fax : +216 73 369 506// Voice: (216) 98 98 28 40



2004           Habilitation Universitaire in Mechanical Engineering, June 2004 Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Monastir (Tunisia).

1999           Qualification as Associated Professor in France (Number: 9926084020)

1995           Ph.D. in Engineering Science Mechanical Option, October 1995 University of Metz, (France).

1991           Ing. DESS Degree in Mechanical Engineering option CAD/CAM 1991 University of Metz (France).

1990           M.S.T.   Degree in Mechanical Engineering option CAD/CAM 1990 University of Metz (France).



2012-13      Director of  National School of Engineers of Sousse

2011           Professor of Mechanical Engineering, National School of Engineers of Sousse

2008           Masters’ coordinator

2006           Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis

2001-1998  Scientific Mission at the High School of Technology (Montreal Canada)

1996           Assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis

1995-1996  Post Doctoral Federal Fluminense University of Brasil (Rio de Janeiro- Brasil)


 1992-1995 Teacher Researcher at the University of Metz-France in Physical, Mechanical and Material Laboratory France.


Invited Professor: November 2011- November 2010- November 2009 –November and December  2008- November and December 2007- November and December 2006: at Ecole Centrale Marseille (France) Laboratory of mechanical and Acoustic LMA.


Invited Professor: June 2008 at the University of Cergy Pontoise (France) Laboratory of Civil engineering.


Invited Professor: March 2007- March 2008- February 2009- March 2010 at the Faculty of Medicine Paris XII as member of the committee of the teachers in the University Degree in oral Implantology.




2014-          European Projects: HiT4med / ACM Master pro in Applied Computational Mechanics ENISo-Ingolstadt (European Accreditation of Engineering Programmes EUR- ACE)

2010-2013  Mastech co-graduation ENISo-ENIM 51277- -1-2010-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR.

2006-2010  Project Orthodentie: Cooperation with CHU Sousse-Monastir (Tunisia)

2007           Establishment of a Cooperation project with research center Henri Tudor Luxembourg (Department of Research and Innovation).

2000-2003  CMCU Cooperation with l’UTT/LASMIS (Troyes France) and LMA/ESM2 (Marseille France).

1998-1999  MPSA : Identification of research projects applied in Tunisian companies with the cooperation of teachers and of students researchers.:  



1.     M. Ghiss, B. Giannesini, P. Tropiano, Z. Tourki et O. Boiron “Etude du comportement poroélastique incompressible d’un disque intervertébral sous chargement externe » Matériaux et Techniques 101, 704, 2013.

2.      M. A. YOUSFI, K. HAJLAOUI, Z. TOURKI, A.R. YAVARI :Serrated Flow Model for Metallic Glasses under Compressive Loading, published in Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) 1-19, 2013.

3.      M. ZAGHDOUDI , Z. TOURKI : Modeling and numerical simulations with compressible damaged hyperelastic law: application to the laminated rubber bearing, Published in MSA 2012.

  1. Z. Ktari, Z. Tourki  H. SIDHOM  and M. A. GAHBICHE “ On the interaction between Transformation Induced Plasticity and the austenitic stainless steel anisotropy (AISI 304) under shear loading” Materials and Design Vol. 32, 3765–3771, 2011.
  2. Z.TOURKI, E. Ghorbel:”. Numerical study of Laser Diode Transmission Welding of a polypropylene mini-tank: temperature field and residual stresses distribution”, Polymer Testing Vol.30, 23-34, 2011.
  3. K. HAJLAOUI, M. A. Yousfi, I. Ouelhazi,  Z. TOURKI, G. Vaughan and A. R. Yavari “Kinetics of isothermal structural relaxation in metallic glasses measured by real-time diffraction using synchrotron radiation” Philosophical Magazine Letters Vol. 91, N°2, Month 122-133. 2011
  4. K. HAJLAOUI, M. A. YOUSFI, Z. TOURKI, G. VAUGHAN  and A. R. YAVARI “ On the free volume kinetics during isochronal structural relaxation of Pd-based metallic glass: effect of temperature and deformation” Journal of  Material Science, Published online 12 March 2010, DOI 10.1007/s 10853-010-4355-1, 2010.
  5. M. A. YOUSFI, K. Hajlaoui, Z. TOURKI, and A. R. Yavari “Constitutive RheologicalModeling of Flow Serration Behaviour inMetallic Glasses Showing Nanocrystallization during Deformation” Journal of Nanomaterials Vol. 2011, Article ID 910962, 8 pages, 2010.
  6.  Z. TOURKI, H. SIDHOM and M. CHERKAOUI : “Plastic Strain Induced Martensitic in Type 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel: Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Deep Drawing Processes” – International Journal of Forming Processes-  Vol. 8 N°2-3 pp 201-226 2005.
  7. Z. TOURKI,  H. BARGUI and H. SIDHOM : “The kinetic of induced martensitic formation and its effect on forming limit curves in the AISI304 stainless steel” Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol 166, pp 330-336 2005.
  8. Z. TOURKI  and K. SAI “Design and Loading parameters optimization in a deep  drawing process” International Journal of Vehicle Design Vol.39 Nos 1/2, 2005.
  9. Z. TOURKI, and K. SAI “A new coupled approach between a micro mechanical and a phenomenological modeling of the strain induced martensite transformation kinetics in a 304 austenitic stainless steel” International Journal of STEEL GRIPS, 2004.



1.     Introduction aux Méthodes Numériques Appliquées et à leur Programmation : Cours et Exercices corrigés TOME I- « N. Ben Salah, Z. Tourki » published by Centre des Publications Universitaires (2005)

2.     TOME II- in progress.


1.     More than 50 conference papers


1.     23 Masters defended, 3 Masters in progress

2.       7 theses in  progress and  1 defended in December 2012 and 2 will be defended soon.



1.     MoodleMoot: Co-organisation of the international meeting October 2-3, 2013 #medmoot2013

2.     MoodleResearch: Co-organisation Sousse, Tunisia –October 4-5, 2013.

3.     FCEE : meeting Forum between industry and university –ENISo 22th January third edition; 5th December 2012 second edition; 25th January 2012 first edition.

4.     CTTR & CTTE ENISo Center: creation of the Technology Transfer Center in Robotics at ENISo 15th march 2012

5.     Membre of the Mastech Europeen project; Qualycert Europeen project; DEFI Averroes Projet; iCre@ Project 

6.     H2020; Erasmus + and HiT4Med Research Master and SEMSEM coordinator.

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